Streamlined K-6 Registration

Here are some suggested steps for streamlining the process of registering your child in a Bristol Township Elementary School, please follow these steps:

1.  Find your address on Street Assignments to determine
     which school your child will be attending.

2.  Visit your child's school.  Go to the office and ask for
    a registration packet. Bring your required
    documentation. See Registration Guidelines.

 3. Fill out all of the necessary paperwork in the packet
  you received at your school.  Double check to make
   sure you have all the proper documentation. 

4. Call Elaine Marek 215-943-3200 x 202 and make an
   appointment at the school's administration building:
   6401 Mill Creek Road, Levittown, PA. 19057.


- Only the parent or legal guardian will be able to finalize registration with Mrs. Marek. 

-Please be on time for your appointment.

-If you are registering several children, you can pick up
  all registration packets at one school and register all
  children at one appointment.