John Fitch Genius Inventor

John Fitch launched the first steamboat in 1790 on the Delaware in Pennsylvania, fully 17 years before Robert Fulton's steamboat began plying the Hudson River in New York.  For lack of investor funding, Fitch's steamboat did not prosper and his story might have faded into the depths of history were it not for an intrepid group of historians and educators in Pennsylvania.

Members of the John Fitch Steamboat Museum invited students from John Fitch Elementary School, one of only two schools in the world named for the genius inventor, to visit an exhibit on their school's namesake at the Bucks County Visitor's Center in Bensalem.  Here are some photos from the visit.

raisedhandswb.jpg In colonial costume, Eric Fleischer, Board President of the John Fitch Steamboat Museum, leads the group in a discussion of John Fitch's invention.
Question[1].jpg  A lively class ensued with much student participation.
entrywb.jpg  For many, it was their first visit to the Visitor's Center.
welcomewb.jpg They were made to feel welcome.
Paddle.Wheelas[1].jpg The highlight of the day was a 1/10 scale replica of John Fitch's Steamboat.