Title I

What is Title I?

Title I is a project funded by the federal government under the Every Child Succeeds Act.  The purpose of this Act is to provide all children with fair and equitable opportunity to succeed and close achievement gaps. Money is allocated by the federal government and distributed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to the Bristol Township School.  District.
Who are Title I students?
Title I does not attempt to serve all children.  It is intended to serve only those regular classroom students who are having difficulty with basic reading skills.  Consequently, children are selected on the principle of serving those in greatest educational need first.  This need is determined by the teacher recommendation and data from local assessments.
Title I funding is based on a complex formula.  These funds are allocated to the states who in turn allocate a portion of that money to the individual school districts within each state.  The school district’s share is based on the economic need within a school area, that is, by the number of low income families living there.  In our district the number of free and reduced lunch students is used to determine the economic need of a particular school.
Funds are based on economic need, while help to children is based on educational need.  Title I students are those who have the greatest educational need in each elementary school.
How does Title I integrate with the regular classroom program?
In the Bristol Township School District, we have elected to use the funds to provide help to students who are experiencing difficulty in reading.  We have two goals.  First, a child must receive help specific to his/her personal needs.  Second, a student must receive whatever assistance is required for success in the regular classroom program.  Our Title I program works very well with the MTSS process in the elementary schools.  Both programs are supplementary to the core reading program and follow the guidelines of the Title I.
Who are the people directly involved in the Title I program?
Overall the responsibility for the Title I program rests with the School Board and the Superintendent.  The program in Bristol Township has a program coordinator who has overall responsibilities.  Our program is available in all our elementary schools and is school-wide, meaning that all students in each building are considered Title I students.  The reading specialist can work with any student in any grade level if that student demonstrates a need for supplemental reading instruction.  This specialist coordinates the program for their building and works directly with students in small groups.  All teachers sponsored by Title I are certified Reading Specialists in the state of Pennsylvania.
Where do parents fit in Title I?
Parents play an important part in the success of their child.  Parents can encourage a positive attitude toward learning by setting aside time for homework and reading.  By attending conferences and activities at your school, you demonstrate the importance you place on education.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school any time for information about their child’s program.  Annual Parent Workshops are held at the Bucks County IU in Doylestown.  Parents are invited to attend and Title I will provide transportation to and from the IU.      
Parents have the right by law to request information regarding the professional qualifications and academic degrees of any teacher providing instruction to their child at a school receiving Title I funds.  Parents should be notified annually at the beginning of the school year about their right to request such information.  Parents must also be notified by the district when their child, who attends a Title I funded school, has been assigned to or taught for four (4) or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified, as defined by federal law.

Parents also have the right by law to request information regarding the qualifications of any paraprofessional who provides instructional support to their child at a school receiving Title I funds.  Parents should be notified annually at the beginning of the school year about their right to request this information. 



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